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Wisdom Tooth Extraction

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    Are you facing gum swelling behind your second molars? If not, do you find it difficult to open your mouth wide, or, maybe more concerning, do you sometimes have a bad aftertaste in your mouth after eating?
    Adults frequently undergo the removal of their Wisdom tooth Extraction. This is done because the tooth typically erupts out of alignment. Do not let your wisdom tooth or the issues it causes have an impact on your life!

    Let's scrutinize it- Common wisdom tooth problems

    You may have heard of persons who have wisdom teeth and are experiencing extreme agony. Most patients struggle with a range of problems, including this one. If you have excruciating jaw pain or mouth ache, you may have an impacted wisdom tooth. You might also exhibit the following symptoms:
    1. Back teeth bleeding while being brushed
    2. Having trouble expanding your mouth
    3. Bruising while biting

    What is the rationale behind wisdom tooth removal?

    They are influenced. Wisdom teeth may not erupt normally due to their position so far back in the mouth. They may become imprisoned in the gums or jawbone, which can be uncomfortable.
    They approach from the incorrect angle. They might run up against the nearby teeth. You don’t have a big enough mouth. The jaw cannot accommodate an additional set of molars.
    You have gum disease or cavities. With your toothbrush or dental floss, it might be impossible for it to get to your wisdom teeth.

    Are you even aware of the dangers that come with a cracked wisdom tooth?

    On Reality, a molar can break due to any type of trauma, including biting down on hard candies or receiving a blow to the face. When your wisdom teeth really erupt, which often happens in your late teens and early 20s, germs can enter the tooth and infect the dental pulp, which can happen suddenly. Either root canal therapy or tooth extraction are necessary in that situation. Typically, it’s better to simply extract the tooth. If your wisdom teeth are broken, you should visit the dentist very away.

    What you should know before having your wisdom teeth removed at ToothFix Clinic

    At ToothFix, we specialise in the most comfortable wisdom teeth removal procedure. The doctor will thoroughly discuss the aftercare after wisdom teeth removal to you. If you want to have your wisdom tooth removed by a surgeon, contact our dental clinic. They’ll help you out more with that.

    Best Wisdom Teeth Removal Surgery in Mumbai

    If you are experiencing acute pain in your jaw or back teeth, call right away. Our team at ToothFix Clinic is ready to help you, with a focus on your comfort.

    Find out right now if having your wisdom teeth removed with a simple dental check-up.

    Frequently asked questions

    Use soft brushes and stay away from the extraction areas when brushing. Eat no hard foods, and stay away from anything crunchy or chewy. Don’t drink through a straw. Don’t consume alcohol or smoke.
    Depending on their growth and eruption patterns. It is frequently noted that the mouth is too small, which crowds the impacted wisdom tooth. In these situations, the wisdom teeth extraction is required. If they have grown painlessly, there is no need to do anything.
    You could need up to two weeks to recuperate completely from your wisdom teeth extraction procedure. For the first few days following surgery. Your mouth and cheeks may be puffy, but as it cures, you will progressively become better. For the first few days, use an ice pack after that, move to a warm water pack.
    No, having your wisdom teeth removed won’t hurt. During the procedure, there shouldn’t be any discomfort. You can experience some soreness after the surgery. You will, however, return to normal in a week with the right care and relaxation.

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