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    Straighten your teeth using Clear braces to change your life!

    To offer you the finest smile possible, consider Invisible braces to straighten your teeth. Because, let’s face it, misaligned or gapped teeth can be a major issue. It not only has a negative impact on your appearance but also your oral health. Clear braces from Tooth fix will help you get the smile you’ve always wanted.

    Why you should use Invisalign braces for the following reasons?

    Medical-grade plastic trays called “Clear Braces” don’t need wire or braces to function. Adults who require orthodontic treatment find them to be highly enticing because they are completely undetectable, fully addressing the aesthetic concerns. Despite being contained, they are not subject to any food restrictions. A common misconception is that people who are placed inside might have trouble speaking. Contrarily, transparent braces are very hygienic and comfy. In addition to closing gaps, clear braces are transparent.

    What are some teeth issues that clear braces will help with?

    1. Easily removed and Easily Wearable
    2. Removed during meals so no food restrictions
    3. Minimum to none soreness, which is comfortable
    4. Personalized aligner trays made of durable plastic

    Pros and Cons of Invisible Braces?

    Braces have the benefit of being tooth-enclosed, which makes them particularly practical in emergency situations. Upon completion of the course of treatment, the equipment are removed. When wearing aligners, you must exercise the necessary caution because, after a sip, fluids can stain the aligners. So, before having a sip, it should be taken out.
    Due to the aligners’ invisibility and the fact that they are removably attached, many patients are convinced to wear them. It can be removed when you eat, floss, and brush. The best orthodontic appliances for correcting problems are thought to be aligners. If your teeth are not aligned, you must wear braces.

    Digital scan of your teeth

    Have you ever had a sticky, unclean dental impression?

    In the past, dental impressions were made using putty-like materials to create moulds of your teeth and gums. Before the invention of digital scanning technology, dentists only had these kinds of imprints! Many dental clinics still utilise traditional dental impressions, however they can irritate patients since they cause choking, discomfort, and messes on your face and clothing from the impression material.
    One of the first steps in the Invisalign treatment planning process is a digital scan of your teeth. You may have heard the term “Invisalign scan” or “Smile scans” used by many clear aligner firms. Your teeth and gums are scanned using a camera mounted on a wand, and Invisalign receives the data immediately to begin arranging your treatment.

    Why you should choose us from clear braces?

    By selecting orthodontic treatment, you can change your life and have a smile you adore. And we’re eager to accompany you on your journey! Choose on Tooth Fix Clinic right away to experience the superior care and therapy we provide that enables us to transform the lives of our patients for the better.

    Frequently asked questions

    Compared to conventional braces, aligners have a number of benefits. They are inconspicuous and provide excellent outcomes quickly and painlessly. Additionally, unlike conventional braces, teeth aligners are far more pleasant. To ensure the effectiveness of their treatment, patients must still be very diligent about wearing their aligners.
    Dentists advise against drinking hot liquids while wearing an aligner because it could harm the appliance. The dentists advise that you only ever drink water while wearing your aligners. While eating and drinking, your aligners can be taken off.
    The greatest orthodontic treatment option is clear aligners or invisible braces for patients of all ages. They are hassle-free, incredibly effective, and inconspicuous. However, cooperation is more challenging when it comes to children. If parents are considering having their children aligners, they should consult an orthodontics dentist to make sure the child will fit.
    The amount of tooth rotation or movement required will affect how long treatment with aligners takes. The length of time it takes to straighten teeth depends on how crooked they are and how improper their bite is. Generally, a course of treatment lasts between 10 and 24 months.

    Many people are reluctant to use clear aligners. Aligners from Invisalign are essentially undetectable. You might not even be aware that you’re wearing them, which makes Invisalign treatment a seamless match with your lifestyle. Scan this QR code to instantly scan your teeth and watch the magic happen in a matter of seconds.

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